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The main objective of this project is to develop and implement software to support parks, incubators, accelerators, clusters and other centers of innovation in the effective management of the internal organization. In addition, the project aims to support the provision of services to internal and external customers of parks. This project also supports a link between parks, forming one common network. The project aims to constantly develop the platform, expanding its functionality with new modules, fast estimation of its effectiveness of individual implementation. The project also aims to build an international group of experts , who will be able to combine their experience which will bring efficiency, giving great benefits for all users.


In my opinion this is a unique software solution which is available on the market, worth to consider for each incubator and technology park"

Head of EU|BIC Services,


"Project was executed profesionally and reliable. Velis is a qualified, worth to reccomend company!"

V-ce President, Member of the Board

KPT Science Park

"Singu R&D platform is easily customizable, as it is designed specifically for Science and Technology Parks. That solution should meet requirements of STP’s world wide"

Park Manager

ELK Science Park

"The platform was implemented in very profesionall and reliable way and has satisfied all of our needs. It is also worth to add that Velis company has provided support which was out of the terms of the agreement!"

Park Manager

OLSZTYN Science Park

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Singu R&D project is aimed to create the common network of technology parks,
clusters and innovation centers around the world.

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