Coordinator - Velis IT Systems

Managing hundreds of
IT projects in various countries
all over the world

Building solutions
for over
150 000 users

11 language versions of
our platform, enabling the
world to communicate

Innovative solutions
encouraging development in
companies from various sectors

Velis is an organization characterized by the following - rapid growth and cutting edge technology. Within a few years, we have developed an advanced platform as a base for creating a specialised software. Our systems merge professional analytics with innovative technological solutions.

Our systems solve provides ongoing communication and offers effective solutions to specific industries. We continually strive to provide our project participians with a convenient and easy-to-use software, as well as the highest standards of data security. If necessary, we provide professional support at each stage. Services offered include the development and implementation in our software as well as IT integration, from small and medium-sized projects to global cooperate networks. Our distinguishing characteristic is a comprehensive approach to projects, which include relevant industry experts. The main goal of our solutions is to improve the information flow and communication processes inside and outside the company,all of this is done in order to shorten the time for data handling processes and to improve their quality. Therefore, we combine advanced technologies and innovative ideas with functionality, ease to use, and technical support - at the highest level.

Meet our team

  •  Participation in this project, firmly dedicated to innovation support and knowledge - it was a tremendous pleasure for me

    Paweł Robaczewski

    Member of the Board of Velis IT Systems/ Co- owner
  •  Another very interesting project, another satisfied project participant, another success! For me, for our company, for our team!

    Maciej Rogowski

    Member of the Board of Velis IT Systems/ Co- owner
  •  I always wanted to contribute to the development of global information, this project gave me that chance, it was a surrealistic experience

    Adam Penkala

    Member of the Board of Velis IT Systems/ Co- owner
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Coordinator role in the entire project

Our role in this project -to develop and implement the software, to manage technology parks and to cooperate among them being a technological partner who supports project participants. Our mission is to constantly keep the progress, so we try to acquire knowledge from parks, clusters and other innovate centers which are scattered all over the world. We believe this is an added value for the project.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to maximize value for the project participants, making multiple projects much easier. We strongly believe in our ideas, beacuase ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open a door is just one more good idea...


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RocketSpace Suites, 180 Sansome St.,
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