Singu Research and Development Platform

Our project streamlines management of technology parks, improves workflow and supports the innovation!

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Innovation Support

Sharing Ideas

Comapre solutions and ideas, find the right way to solve the task, get feedback from other companies participating in the project.

Sharing Ideas
Cooperation Support

Cooperation Support

Obtain important information much more quickly, thanks to an improved information flow between common projects,both among companies located in the park as well as between different parks.


Resources Management

Reserve with ease all resources located in park ( laboratories, conference rooms, office equipment ). Thanks to our platform,the information about each device and its attribute are stored in one central application.

Document Management
Resources Management

Transfer of Knowledge

Transfer your knowledge with ease at various levels. Collaborate on different tasks using our platform. Unifies communication flow beetwen parks – tenants – comapnies.

  • Knowledge base
  • Forum
  • 100 % web - based
  • Task management
  • Trainings and events management
  • Files repository

Control and Finance

Strategic Decision Making

Obtain all necessary information with ease to use multilevel reports integrated with your third – party software platforms.

Finance Management

All the dimensions of the finance monitoring is associated with the properties and companies located in your organization. Improve the process of settlement- of rent and tenant costs.

Cost Control

Get your accounting information, all the costs at the real time


Optimize your budget plans and reduce time spent on planning

Control and Finance
Incubator Management

Incubator Management

The project supports the service delivery for companies located in the incubators and accelerators. Our platform increases the service level which is provided and reduces the time which would be needed to spend on tenants support, causing that financial management is extremely efficient.

  • Communication support
  • Workflow improvement
  • Improve the quality of services
  • Work improvement between companies located in incubators
  • Financial management
  • Recruitment and assessment support

Common Network

Our platform supports the creation of internal network between companies in agiven park as well as companies being in different parks.

  • Database of companies and people located within the park, fully integrated with park website
  • Cooperation between projects
  • Communication improvement
  • Possible integration between local IT systems
Multilateral Network
Project Management

Project Management

Files Storage

Keeps all documents and project history of communication in one place, make project stages visible.

Team Collaboration

Use a single channel forinformation exchange, among the entire company departments, tasks etc.

Monitoring and Control

Manage with tasks, finance, communication flow and deadlines, contributing to a reduction of costs.

Be Global

Work from anywhere in the world, get access to all your projects with a single sign-on.

Property Management

Financial Control

Financial Control

Record the costs associated with these services and others: technical support, general billing, tenant rental fees, and additional work orders.


Tenant Management

Our platform allows you to create a database of tenants and management related to the lease. By joining the project you will significantly improve communication with tenants, from the exchange of information to the handling process, which increases the tenants' level of satisfaction.

Tenant Management
Document Management

Document management

Create a database with these built-in capabilities: archives for service repair protocols, preventive maintenance logs, company-specific reports, and the historical documentation of tasks and commissions.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Reactive Maintenance

Support for service notifications. Support and monitoring of related service visits. The ability to create repair protocols. Scheduling ability for service tasks.

Planned and Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance scheduling. Automatic delegation of tasks to competent employees. Authorization to schedule warranty-covered repairs and installations via external service companies. The ability to create protocols for completed inspections.

Asset management

Ability to build an asset database, with the option of assigning devices under particular buildings. Appliance management includes warranty monitoring, along with the history of misuse and repairs of individual devices (Technical Inspection Authority control).

Inventory & Stock Management

Cost optimization through proper warehouse management, including inventory balance control, supply generation, and explanations for the necessity of those supplies.